Board of Directors

President – Leticia Colon de Mejias

Teece_3_v4Leticia Colon de Mejias is the Owner and CEO of Energy Efficiencies Solutions (EES), a Connecticut based full service energy conservation company, and President of Green Eco Warriors  Inc., a non-profit sustainability education provider.  She is a published author and has dedicated her career to education, workforce development, environmental stewardship, energy conservation, and the socioeconomic development of all people through responsible choices.


Vice President – Rebecca Baez Castro

RebeccaRebecca Baez Castro is the Vice President of Green Eco Warriors and Office Manager of Energy Efficiencies Solutions . Rebecca’s passion for the environment is driven by her love for her children and desire for them to have a better world.  Rebecca is passionate about air pollution because of her son’s development of asthma.  It  is her hope  that her work at Energy Efficiencies Solutions and Green Eco Warriors will create the change she hopes to see  for all children. Rebecca is committed to  her family, career and the environment.


Treasurer – Joshua Gray

summit_v23Joshua Gray is a passionate environmentalist who has spent his career in the I.T. and consulting sector before joining the green jobs community. He works on a broad range of issues including renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable water use with an emphasis on local community food production.



Secretary – Casey Dilzer

Casey DilzerCasey Dilzer  is the Youth Program Coordinator for the Green Eco Warriors.  She believes that  providing children with energy sustainability education is vital to the progress of our environment . Casey  strives to motivate children and influence them to create.  She is a published illustrator, co-authored of the Green Eco Warriors comic book series and creates learning tools for children.



Member- Jeff Barrie

JeffBarrieHeadshotJeff Barrie’s dream is to build an energy conservation nation by working with households, businesses, schools and communities to reduce their energy usage. His latest film and non-profit project Kilowatt Ours features an award-winning documentary film, a curriculum for K-12 schools, and an energy savings workshop series for low-income communities in partnership with NES (Nashville Electric Service) and TVA. Jeff is currently working on a new film project called “Pedaling a Dream” which he hopes will motivate more people to become involved in creating the clean, green world of our dreams.


Member – Justin Buck

Justine BuckJustin Buck is the co founder and Field Manager of Best Home Performance of Connecticut. As an entrepreneur and Green Eco Warrior he believes in taking action to protect the planet from pollution so we can not only maintain but progress the quality of our environment.



Member – Joe Hilliman

JoeHJoseph Hilliman has worked in the field of design, publishing and marketing for more than 18 years. He has amassed a broad portfolio of visual communications and illustration. His works have been recognized by the Associated Press, the Society of News Design, the Society of Publication Design, the Catholic Press Association and Print magazine. Hilliman teaches his passion for visual communication and journalism at the University of Connecticut and Capital Community College. He has produced high-level, award-winning design and illustration for business enterprises large and small. Notable clients have included The Lego Group, CIGNA, The Hartford Courant, Circle Press Inc., Plan B Burger Bar, Ray Charles Jr., Faith & Family Magazine and Northeast Magazine among many others.

Member – Ventine Richardson

VentineVentine Richardson is an educational leader with 15 years experience developing productive student focused environments to maximize student learning experiences, outcomes and the implementation of Connecticut and federal standards. He promotes safe learning environments and school cultures that encourages continuous improvement for teachers, students and their families.  Ventine’s expertise includes: education leadership, program design and development, capacity building, parental and  community involvement, teacher selection and development, curriculum development and the implementation of outcome based professional development.

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