Who We Are

Green Eco Warriors is a Non-Profit Organization which provides sustainability education focused on energy and water conservation. Our goal is to educate and motivate people to reduce waste and lower carbon emissions through conservation based education. Our programs are targeted at youth and families. We believe that by targeting youth as young as preschool age we are building a culture of sustainable thinkers. We provide live educational presentations and take home tools. Green Eco Warriors was established in 2007 as youth club for middle school students and their families. Since then we have developed videos, children’s books, music, and teaching tools. We are experts in youth sustainability education and have coordinated recycling and energy saving behavioral based programs in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our Green Eco Warrior team consists of artists, teachers, DOE award winning energy conservation experts, energy efficiency BPI certified staff, engineers, educational administrators, actors, dancers, singers, writers, IT support, web designers, office staff, and youth mentors. Our board is focused on offering low cost high quality solutions for energy education in schools, businesses and communities.

Our Live Save Energy Save Dinero Presentations 

GEW_Brochure_online-1Our Live Save Energy Save Dinero Presentations provide families and teachers information on how to implement the Save Energy, Save Dinero plan in their classroom and homes, and provides information on how they raise funds for their schools through state supported HES and Mass Saves programs. Our onsite team  use characters and engaging format to provide climate change information coupled with way to use behavioral energy saving changes to slow climate change. We emphasize upgrading to Energy Star appliances and upgrading the home through HES and HPwES. We partner with schools and utilities to reward students, teachers and families for saving energy.

The Green Eco Warrior Community Outreach Program (Dinero Street Team) provides onsite sustainability education for youth and families at community based events and schools. Invite the Green Eco Warriors to present at your school, call 860-580-9076 to reserve your presentation today! Click here to download our brochure

About the GEW team

The Green Eco Warrior team brings experience in design, art, writing, marketing, public relations, education, customer service, combined with experienced BPI certified staff and Environmental conservation specialists. Our unique blend of skill sets allows us to offer new and exciting ways of providing energy education to youth and families. From Website design, to books, educational publications, or live presentations, GEW offers something for every budget. Our goal is to reduce climate change impacts through the reduction of carbon emissions. We offer experience and quality products at a cost well below our competitors. Our tools and passion for education have been nationally recognized by educators and conservationists alike. GEW provides:

  • Sustainability education for grades K-5.
  • Building customized energy conservation education tools for use with schools, youth, and families.
  • Live energy conservation presentations for youth and adults.
  • Delivering character based educational books, publications, and tools that engage students in learning about conservation and how behavioral changes can make a difference.
  • Specializing in engaging at risk youth in energy conservation based programming and reward-based programs.
  • Public speaking engagements for events, television or radio.
  • Green Careers training and mentoring for Middle school and High school students.

Green Eco Warriors Issues Contain:GEW_1_1117.indd

  • Articles that explain the environment, energy and issues that have an effect on health and the planet.
  • Discussion questions
  • Writing exercises
  • Teacher guide
  • Extended learning activities including:
    • Activities that engage students and parents
    • Learning vocabulary
    • Student research and presentation projects
    • Prizes and events for challenge participants
    • Opportunities to participate in local community service events

Lessons reinforce national education standards:GEW_2_pairs.indd

  • Reading comprehension
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing Skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Listening and debating
  • Research and presentation skills
  • Current events and issues
  • Geography
  • Science
  • STEM
  • Common Core
  • Next Generation Standards
  • 21st Century Skills

Call us at 860-993-0714 or email contactus@greenecowarriors.org for more information.

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