Our Planet, Our Future

Becoming an Green Eco Warrior is easy. Start by learning about what the Green Eco Warriors are doing in your community. Then join the crusade to save our home, our planet. You can be a part of changing the world for the health and safety of us all. Making small changes at home leads to big changes in how we care for our planet.

Learn more about how you can get involved. Read about climate change, global warming, and pollution’s effect on our drinking water, rivers, streams, oceans, land, plants, animals, and the health of the human race. You can learn by reading the information provided on these educational websites. Or if you don’t like to read, then watch a film! Here are some films that inspired us to get started on our crusade to teach others about the harms of trash and pollution:

killowattourscover“Hawaii Messages in the Waves” by BBC.
“The Story of Stuff” by Anne Leonard
“Kilowatt Ours” by Jeff Barrie

Watch a movie with your family. Make it a family night. Add popcorn to your educational movie, and enjoy!

Green Eco Warriors "Helping To Save The Planet Through Education and Motivation.”

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