Next Month: Global Warming

The burning of fossil fuel to power cars, generate electricity and heat and cool our homes, results in the emission of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

Greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere, trapping the sun’s heat and causing the planet to warm. Over the past 50 years the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in history. Scientists say that unless we curb emissions of pollutants that cause climate change, we will suffer increased storms, drought, floods, and insect overpopulation, as well as increased human illnesses.

The United States Global Change Research Program (which includes the Department of Defense, NASA, National Science Foundation and other government agencies) has said that “global warming is unequivocal and primarily human-induced” and that “climate changes are underway in the United States and are projected to grow.”

In order to curb the onset of climate change, we as consumers need to change our habits, taking serious measures to conserve energy and natural resources. We need to take accountability and realize that global warming is a direct result of our consumption.

It is also important that we protect and restore natural habitats. Plant life in healthy ecosystems helps to curb global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. By preserving these natural areas, we will help to ensure health and sustainability for everyone. We all depend on nature for clean air, water, and food to survive.

Think about it: How important are Air, Water, and Food to human life?
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