Isaiah – Student and GEW Actor – Update

Isaiah Rosario- Green Eco Warriors past student and current Dinero Actor.

Isaiah was six years old when he was introduced to Green Eco Warriors. Today he is 15 and has come back to teach kids at Hartford Public Schools about Creating a Culture of Sustainable ThinkersTM.

He joined us for an interview on Earth Day.

(Q1) What is like to be a Green Eco Warrior as a kid?

(A)1 I felt good to be a part to something that was helping people understand the effects of climate change in our communities.

(Q2) What do you most remember about your time at GEW?

(A2) The most memorable part of being a GEW kid is hard to pick. I did so much at camp and in the community. My favorite memory might be the time I went to a science fair dressed as Dinero the Frog.  I got to see science done by other kids, I had never seen that type of scientific education in schools. Plus, I was able to meet new kids and expand my horizons.

(Q3) What is like now that you are in High school, to be coming back and helping younger kids learn on Earth Day?

(A3) It feels good to share what I know. To educate on the importance of Earth Day.  It is nice to earn money now that I am older.

(Q4) What is one thing you do in your life now to protect people and the planet- that you learned as a Warrior?

(A4) I recycle more now than I see my friends do. I pay attention to turning things off when I am not using them. I see connections to nature that I may not have known if I never went to GEW camp.

(Q5) What are you next goals?

(A5) I am interested in becoming an engineer. I am not sure what I will create yet… but I have learned that anything is possible when we use our superpowers and do good things.

Green Eco Warriors "Helping To Save The Planet Through Education and Motivation.”

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