Hartford’s Earth Day



[11:30 am – 12:30 pm] Pesky Plastic: An Environmental Story

Leticia Colon de Mejias

Dynamic author, award-winning entrepreneur and activist Leticia Colon De Mejias reads from her books, written to national science standards for children ages Kindergarten through Grade 3.

Find comfort and inspiration for a better future in Leticia’s stories and unique perspective.

View the book reading at : https://www.facebook.com/gewsavetheday

Green Eco Warriors is a Connecticut based nonprofit. Since 2008, we have been creating and disseminating science based sustainability focused graphic texts, comic books, children’s books, magazines and providing live seminars and performances in schools across America. Our sustainability educational tools are aligned with national science standards. Our lessons take a holistic approach to learning, incorporating environmental, health, and social perspectives in a format that children can easily understand.

Our mission is to help each child bring out their inner Warrior and to help them learn to see the world through science with an eye towards problem solving. Our goal is to encourage all youth to engage with the world through nature, science, and the arts. We work to help youth develop and apply their own special talents (super powers).

We are honored to work with Hartford’s Office of Sustainability and provide this copy of, “Pesky Plastic, an Environmental story”, and the online book readings. We hope you will enjoy the books and the readings, and that they inspire you to dig into science, environmental leadership, and develop your inner warrior. This book reading and your books were sponsored by a grant through your Hartford office of sustainability and the Nonprofit Green Eco Warriors, along with support from Energy Efficiencies Solutions, a partner of EnergizeCT.

Happy 50th Earthday!

To learn more about Green Eco Warriors, visit https://www.gewportal.org

To learn more about GEW’s teaching tools, please visit us at https://www.gewportal.org/store/

Green Eco Warriors "Helping To Save The Planet Through Education and Motivation.”

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