Hartford High School Academy of Green Technology and Engineering Saves Energy and Dinero™

HHSAGT&E2_2 HHSAGT&E_2Hartford High School Academy of Green Technology and Engineering has partnered with Green Eco Warriors to teach high school students about STEM skills, energy education, environmental leadership, and community engagement. Students are learning to Switch It Off ™ and reduce carbon emissions to slow climate change by turning off electronics and powering up their minds. The Switch It Off ™ program’s goal is to reduce the impacts of climate change on urban and minority populations, while increasing STEM skills and sustainability engagement in urban families. Hartford residents can support the Save Energy Save Dinero ™ fundraiser and reduce carbon emissions by having a home energy assessment completed through the sponsor Energy Efficiencies Solutions. EES will donate $25 to Hartford High for every home that Saves Energy and Dinero™.  Contact EES today at
www.eesgogreen.com or learn more at https://www.gewportal.org/articles/ . Many families qualify for FREE services.


Green Eco Warriors "Helping To Save The Planet Through Education and Motivation.”

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