Green Eco Warriors Recycling Activity

Become a part of changing your world. Make small changes in how you care for your planet. Learn more about how you can get involved. Read about climate change, global warming, and pollution’s effect on our drinking water, rivers, streams, and oceans.

Why Recycle?

By recycling, you will be protecting the environment, protecting your health and the health of the people you love.

Fast Facts on Recycling:

  • Reduces the amount of waste that must be disposed – which means less waste to incinerate (burn) which creates air pollution and greenhouse gases, or dumped in a landfill which can lead to groundwater pollution.

  • Conserves water and precious natural resources – since less natural resources need to be extracted from the earth and processed.

  • Saves energy – In 2003, EPA reported the energy savings from recycling in the US accounted for roughly 1,486 trillion Btu in energy savings – an amount equivalent to the consumption of 11.9 billion gallons of gasoline or 256 million barrels of crude oil.

  • By using less natural resources and using less energy we reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How to start recycling

Recycling is easy and important!

  1. Learn what to recycle in your area by reviewing the list of recyclable items.
  2. Think about it, could the items you are throwing in the trash be recycled?
  3. Collect the items that are recyclable inside a paper bag or recycling bin .You can leave the items curbside with your trash for pick up on trash day.
  4. If your city or town does not offer curbside recycling, work with them to start a recycling program. Invite your family, friends, neighbors, schools, local businesses, city and state elected officials to support one.

Classroom activity

Items needed: camera, notebook, one cardboard box or trash bin for each team to collect trash in.

  1. Create teams of two or more students, each team should have a worksheet, pencil, and trash bin or cardboard box.
  2. Take your class outside to collect trash.  Place the collected trash in the trash bin or box.
  3. Count and categorize the trash by in two ways – biodegradable trash vs. plastic and other non-biodegradable trash.

Take photos of your collected trash pile, and of your class recycling what is possible, as well as properly disposing of the rest. Send us the photos and the categorized counts. We may post your class on the website or feature them in the next issue of the Green Eco Warriors National Publication.


Do you want to start a recycling program at your school? Use the program proposal submitted by Jonathon Mejias to the Sage Park Middle School administration as a template: Recycling Program Plan.

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