Green Eco Warriors provides Sustainability Education aligned with national standards. Our lessons take a holistic approach to learning, incorporating environmental, health and social perspectives in a format children can easily comprehend.

Our programs are offered for Free in Western Mass through the MASS SAVE school fundraiser programs. Call us at 860-993-0714 to book your educational presentation today.


Mass Save program activities include:

  1. Educational presentations that engage students in energy conservation
  2. Fund raising lighting sales program with prizes for participants click here to view prizes
  3. Opportunities to participate in local community fundraising events

Laura Butler Master Green Eco Warrior

Teacher Awards and Recognition

Each year we award one teacher our Master Green Eco Warrior award. The award is given to an educator who goes beyond traditional classroom activities to provide excellent science based conservation teaching and youth engagement.

Send us your nomination for Master Green Eco Warrior of the year. Please include “Nomination for master Green Eco Warrior teacher award”, in the subject line and email your photos and story to lcolonees@gmail.com .

The winner will be featured on our website, in our National publication and will win a $300 gift card to Barnes and Nobles.

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Why Invite the Green Eco Warriors to your school?

The Save Energy Save Dinero Challenge sparks interest in students and engages them through educational live entertainment and take home educational tools. The combination of live character based learning and the take home message provided in the book “Dinero The Frog Learns to Save Energy” allows the children to literally bring the message of energy conservation home.

Our educational tools align with National STEM standards and have received the National Department Of Energy award for market leadership in home energy conservation. The science based conservation messages can be shared with the student’s family, discussed in the home, and the teachings can implemented with the entire family on-board.

gew_miguel_presenterProviding simple information on energy conservation to children and families empowers  families to make an immediate difference. “Dinero The Frog Learns to Save Energy” teaches responsibility through education and action. It brings the power of knowledge to the hands of the next generation creating energy conservation leaders and reinforcing the lessons. Through our live presentations and publications student’s learn: where electricity comes from, the differences between fossil and renewable fuels, the effects of pollution and global warming, what they can do to defeat the Phantom Draw™, and how to “Save Energy and Save Dinero™”. The book, DVDs, website, and magazines are the first steps in our many educational tools for youth and families. They are designed to serve as constant reference guides to living sustainable.

Are you interested in creating a team of energy efficiency student champions at your school

Are you interested in creating a team of energy efficiency student champions at your school

Green Eco Warriors will work with your school to create a locally based school project which will provide: workforce skills training in energy efficiency jobs for students energy consumption education and how to reduce it reducing carbon emissions and how it relates to climate change a challenging teamwork project to enhance students skill sets: Initiative Dependability Professionalism Teamwork Communication Planning and organizing Problem solving Goals focus STEM skills To learn more, please call 860-993-0714.  ...

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Green Eco Warriors visit Oliver Ellsworth Elementary School, Windsor, CT

Green Eco Warriors visit Oliver Ellsworth Elementary School, Windsor, CT

Oliver Ellsworth Elementary School accepted the Save Energy Save Dinero Challenge! May 13th – Oliver Ellsworth Elementary School students welcomed the Green Eco Warriors to their school. Leticia Colon de Mejias taught students about energy, where it comes from, and sustainability. Students were engaged answering questions and learning the Green Eco Warrior theme...

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Being a Green Eco Warrior Intern – The importance of taking care of the earth

Being a Green Eco Warrior Intern – The importance of taking care of the earth

Name: Jack Wright Age: 17 Location: West Hartford, CT Green Eco Warrior Intern Date April 4 2015   I had always been aware of the importance of taking care of the earth, but until my family had an energy audit in my home, I had never witnessed the field work that directly aids sustainability efforts. I recall being both intrigued and inspired by the technique and the thoroughness of the energy audit, which provoked me to ask one of the workers about how they became involved with their work. Before the workers left, I was sure to ask if there was any way that I could be involved in the same field of work. One of the workers put me in contact with Leticia Colon de Mejias, the creator and President of Green Eco Warriors. I emailed Leticia right away, hoping to become further involved with efforts to improve the environment. Soon after, I received a response. That next Saturday, I began my work with Green Eco Warriors. For the past two years, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an intern with Green Eco Warriors. I love being able to spread environmental awareness to youths through creative mediums. For example, I have helped write and edit scripts for skits, create costumes, and make props. Perhaps my favorite medium is the comic book series, featuring Dinero the frog. The highlight of my time as an intern is definitely the Youth Summit, held at the beginning of last Summer. Hundreds...

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