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Fourth and Fifth grade students attend the Save Energy Save Dinero® Youth Summit!

On Tuesday June 3rd  two hundred fourth and fifth grade students from Betances STEM magnet school in Hartford, CT participated in the Save Energy Save Dinero Youth Summit.

 The event was hosted by the Green Eco Warriors, a nonprofit organization which provides energy conservation and sustainability education to schools, families, and communities.

 The summit engaged students in tactile energy education, sustainability training, and leadership skills.  Jeff Barrie the award winning documentarian of “Kilowatt Ours” and Leticia Colon de Mejias, Latina author of “Dinero the Frog Learns to Save Energy”. The event and speakers focused on creating a culture of sustainable thinkers. “Your mind is your most valuable superpower”, Leticia told youth. “You can all make a difference by following your dreams”, was a powerful message shared by Jeff Barrie. “Educate, Motivate, Protect the Planet and our future” is the Green Eco Warrior creed. Youth confirmed the mission by chanting, “Green Eco Warriors Rock! Save Energy Save Dinero!”

 Students and teachers enjoyed this unique opportunity to play educational games, complete ropes course challenges, and watch student performed plays. Every student left with a T-shirt, comic book, and a smile!



Green Eco Warrior Comic Book

Green Eco Warrior Comic Book - Issue 1 - The Beginning

On June 3 2014 Green Eco Warriors Inc. released the long awaited Green Eco Warrior Comic Book – Issue 1 – The Beginning. The comic co-written by Casey Dilzer and Leticia Colon de Mejias and illustrated by Mytron Brewery focuses on five youth who learn that their destiny is to protect the planet. The youth and their friend, Cambio the monkey, must uncover the identity of Mr. Big Corp (an evil villain that feeds on greed),  and defeat the Phantom Draw  (a villain that steals energy). Green Eco Warrior comic teaches children to advocate, educate, communicate, and be leaders for the betterment of people and to protect the planet. Each issue introduces youth to important environmental and social concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Green Eco Warriors "Helping To Save The Planet Through Education and Motivation.”

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