Berkshire Trail School become Green Eco Warriors!

Berkshire SchoolMay 12 “You all can be Green Eco Warriors!” A powerful message brought to Berkshire Trail School by Western Mass Electric, Mass Save, and the Green Eco Warriors. Leticia Colon de Mejias President of the Green Eco Warriors taught that to be a Green Eco Warrior all you need to do is make small behavioral changes to better effect the planet and share your knowledge with others. This is the main theme of the Save Energy Save Dinero Challenge™  a program that consists of a live performance and fundraiser that 100% of the profits go directly to the school. The live performance engages students by using comical characters and student interaction. The program concludes with a pledge to be a Green Eco Warrior and each student receives a free book Dinero the Frog Learns to Save Energy.

To participate in this free Mass Save and Western Mass program please call 860 993 0714 or email

Green Eco Warriors "Helping To Save The Planet Through Education and Motivation.”

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