Who We Are

The founding principles of Green Eco Warriors Inc. are based on our love for the environment and the human race, our desire to support healthy living through daily actions, and our ongoing goal to reduce our impact on the environment. We support human development and embrace our direct connection with the planet.

We are invested in learning all that we can about the environmental impacts humans have on the earth, as well as ways to promote the conservation of our natural resources. We strive to increase general awareness and spark action in order to positively impact the world around us.

We explore many non-traditional ways of generating interest in conservation for youth and adults. Our own interests and training include: health impacts related to the use of fossil fuels, development of youth curriculum regarding energy and water conservation, protecting the ocean, reducing plastic waste, encouraging recycling through education and competition, organic gardening principles, fire-walking, yoga, creating art related to conservation principles, and creating educational children’s books and films for youth.

We have authored and published two conservation children’s books: Dinero Learns to Save Energy and Pesky Plastic. These books can be found at Barnes & Noble or at Great Books 4 Kids (http://www.greatbooks4kids.org) Additionally we provide youth education to local communities and often provide free children’s books to schools that enroll in our Green Eco Warriors Save Energy, Save Dinero Program.

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